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nd their return on investment in China outpace▓d their investments in the United States. Some Ameri

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▓can companies have gone so far as to say that the steady growth of the market in Chi▓na helped them to survive the 2008 financial crisis.Meanwh▓

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ile, from 2001 to 2017, China's goods imports grew at an average of 13.5 percent a year, 6.9 percentage points higher than the global average, a

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nd making ▓it now the second largest importer in the world. China▓ is also the world's second largest importer of services, accounting for nearly

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10 percent of the wo▓rld's total. In the face of recent anti-g▓lobalization rhetoric, China has un

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ndash; more commonly know▓n as the foreign investment negative list – has been reduced from

  • ent of fees for the use of intellectual prop▓erty has
  • grown at an average annual rate of 17 percent, r▓eaching 28.6 bill
  • ion U.S. dollars in 2017. It is time for th▓e United States t
  • o recognize China's effor▓ts to comply with international rules regardi
  • ng the ▓protection of intellectual property rights.For more t

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iles, ships, ai▓rcraft, rail lines, and power grids has▓ been relaxed, and the degree of openness

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World Investment Report

an▓d transparency has been greatly enhanced.China a▓nd the United States have forged a profound friendship and established a mutually beneficial eco

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nomic relationship over the past 40 years. This has included working together to further the world's knowledge of science and technology, which are

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multinational compan▓ies,

the keys to solving many of the difficult problems that humanit▓y faces today. And the importance of international scientific and technological coope

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ration is▓ only going to increase. China will continue to promote open innovation on the basis of

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intellectual property protection. And the world is hoping that China and the United States will

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story of economic and te

recognize their responsibilities as ▓major powers to respect each other’s differen▓ces, work earnestly to resolve conflicts, an▓d not let their long-term bilateral cooper▓


l cooperation with the Uni

ted S▓tates.And the Unite

ation be destroyed. (Zhang Qi / Luo Yuze are from the Research Department of Foreign Economic Relations, Development Research Center of the State C▓ouncil, China) Please scan th

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e QR Code to follow us on Inst▓agramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatHainan embodies opening-up ethosHaina▓n embodies opening-up ethosHainan embodies opening-up et

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issued this year by t▓he

American Chamber of Comme

hos04-23-2018 09:50 BJTPlanned big-ticket developments on the island highlight China's commitment to liberalization and the world's▓ economyChina's opening-up policy, which is a

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lready encouraging the world's big companies and investo▓rs to redraw their strategies, received a fresh burs▓t of energy this month.The government announced severa▓l creative p

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lans to build Hainan island into an i▓nternational free trade zone and free port. Next came propo

rofitable last year. And the U.S. Bureau of Ec

sals to give foreign investors full access to China's general manufacturing s▓ector.All this reaffirms the country's commitment to market liberalization and its role as a key driver of gl▓obal growth, said busine

onomic Analysis reports that over the five yea

ss leaders.The tropical island of▓ Hainan, known for its sandy beaches and ▓resort-dotted coastline, gained prime attention▓ from home and abroad after President Xi Jinpin▓g announced on April 13 a grand plan def▓

rs up to 2015, one-third of▓ the total sales by

ining the island's future role.The central governmen▓t has decided to set up an investment fund to support ▓building a free trade port in Hainan by 2025.Foreign firms and multinational companies will be encourage

overseas outposts of A▓merican companies were

d to set up international and regional headquarters on the island, according to a detail▓ed official guideline released on April 14.The▓ island will gradually phase out sales of trad▓itional gasoline-fueled vehicl

made in Chin

es, according to the guideline."After decades of gaining robust growth from China's huge consume